Future Tech – Transport Tubes, 2018 Style

The Boring Company LA test tunnel is set for its December demo.

“The company’s tunnels will have Loop shuttles that can carry pedestrians, cyclists and even private vehicles at speeds reaching 150mph for as little as $1”

With limited surface area on this ball, it has always seemed crazy to me that we pave over the whole thing with ugly, dangerous, polluting, noisey roads…


Via Engadget

3 thoughts on “Future Tech – Transport Tubes, 2018 Style”

  1. Interesting! But self-flying vehicles can use three dimensions. And self-driving cars can make better use of existing roads. And most cities are on little-used rivers. I see little need for new tunnels or even new railroads.

    1. Not sure I agree, I think I’m with Elon when he says:
      Flying car pros: travel in 3D fast. Cons: risk of car falling on head much greater, noisy, grounded in bad weather”

      1. True within its limits. But that leaves 2-D self-driving. Even existing cars already travel on average nearly one hundred million miles between deaths by accident. In any case, I think we should and eventually will use ALL these forms of transportation, so it’s a matter of ‘and’ rather than ‘or’.

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