Tech from Singularity’s Children: #BugNet

Wealth inequality exists between the rich and the poor. All animals are poor. In our world, so focused on economic worth, the gap between us and them keeps on widening. To access to wealth, and revert some of the inequality—which has yawned like a gaping chasm since we lit our first fire—the animal kingdom needs … Continue reading “Tech from Singularity’s Children: #BugNet”

Science from Singularity’s Children: Smart Cetaceans

In my Singularity’s Children series, animals are smart, but get a raw deal because they are hampered by a lack of hands and tongues, a deficiency overcome by the BugNet, AKA: IOA, The Internet of Animals. The more science tells us about how smart —and devious— animals really are, the more convinced I become that we … Continue reading “Science from Singularity’s Children: Smart Cetaceans”

Teenage Dolphins Get High on Puffer Fish Toxin

I’m not in anyway surprised! Like us, they are conscious animals facing down a stark, brutal, universe… whatever works to take the edge off. Bottom line these creatures are people; Singularity’s Children like us …which happens to be one of the key themes in my books. Also reminds me of this: “Parrot tells rescuer … Continue reading “Teenage Dolphins Get High on Puffer Fish Toxin”